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Queensland's Thriving Film Scene: A Spotlight on New Productions

The Gold Coast, image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland

Australia's Queensland state is a filmmaker's paradise. With gorgeous beaches, lush rainforests, and the world-renowned Gold Coast, it's no wonder productions are flocking to this picturesque corner of the world. And that's not all – Queensland boasts world-class studios like Village Roadshow Studios, expert crews, and excellent infrastructure.

Flexibility is Key

Queensland's diverse landscapes make it a chameleon on-screen. Take the recent series "Apples Never Fall", based on Liane Moriarty's novel. Though set in Miami, Florida, it was filmed on the Gold Coast, a testament to the area's ability to stand in for other global locations. This flexibility, along with government support like Screen Queensland's Production Attraction Strategy, has seen a surge in major productions made in the region.

Good Cops, Good Locations

Currently in production, the comedy series "Good Cop/Bad Cop" showcases Queensland's beautiful Scenic Rim region and the Gold Coast to double for the US state of Washington. This further reinforces the state's reputation as a sought-after filming destination.

Queensland's Expanding Studio Network

To meet the rising demand, Screen Queensland has added another jewel to its crown: the newly-opened Screen Queensland Studios in Cairns. This cutting-edge facility in tropical Far North Queensland offers proximity to the airport, stunning natural beauty, and top-notch production capabilities. It's already attracted high-profile projects like "Wizards!" and "Ticket to Paradise".

Attractive Incentives and Support

Queensland's enticing production incentives, including the Production Attraction Strategy and the Post, Digital, Visual Effects (PDV) Incentive, sweeten the deal for filmmakers. Combined with location assistance from Screen Queensland, choosing Queensland becomes an obvious decision.

Want to learn more about filming in Queensland? Read the full article on Ausfilm and discover why this cinematic playground is a top choice for both local and international productions.


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