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Chrysaor is your gateway to groundbreaking films. Our heartbeat is the production & distribution of films that dare to defy, challenge & inspire.


From the sunny shores of Australia’s Gold Coast, we craft powerful, thought-provoking cinema, driven by a passion to bring untold stories to life.


Our focus is on narratives that resonate, spark conversations, and embrace underrepresented voices and themes. But we don’t stop at production.


Our ambition extends to bringing a kaleidoscope of cinematic stories to audiences in Australia and New Zealand through our film distribution arm.


We pride ourselves on curating films that strike a chord, films that matter, ensuring they reach viewers through cinemas and digital platforms alike to have impact.


Christopher Amos Portrait
Marc Ricov Portrait

Marc Ricov

Production & Distribution Executive



Renan Freitas B&W Portrait

Renan Freitas

Marketing Executive




At Chrysaor we believe great content knows no boundaries.

We'd love to hear from you!


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*Please note that Chrysaor does not accept unsolicited pitch decks or project bibles.

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