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A Decade of Progress and a Call for Deeper Investment in LGBTQ Representation

The GLAAD Studio Responsibility Index
The GLAAD Studio Responsibility Index

GLAAD's 11th annual Studio Responsibility Index (SRI) shows significant progress in LGBTQ representation in film over the past decade. This year's report marks a milestone with three studios earning a "Good" rating for the quality, quantity, and diversity of LGBTQ characters: A24, NBCUniversal, and The Walt Disney Company.

The study, which now includes major streaming services and theatrical releases, reveals a growing appetite for LGBTQ stories among audiences. However, challenges remain. While the number of inclusive films has increased, there's still a need for deeper investment in diverse storytelling and marketing. 

Some studios have also faced criticism for political donations to anti-LGBTQ lawmakers, highlighting a disconnect between their stated inclusion efforts and actions.

GLAAD's Media Institute (GMI) plays a crucial role in consulting on LGBTQ-inclusive content, and they look forward to continued collaboration with studios to ensure authentic and impactful representation in the years to come. 

As the entertainment industry undergoes significant changes, the SRI is a roadmap for studios to remain relevant and resonate with a diverse audience by embracing LGBTQ stories. Read the full GLAAD report.


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