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Australia's PDV Offset: Boost Your Bottom Line, Collaborate with Aussie Talent


Global filmmakers and production companies looking for post-production support, take note! Australia's PDV Offset offers significant cost savings, access to top-notch visual effects and post-production talent, and a pathway to streamlined international collaboration.

The Financial Incentive:

  • Major Tax Break: The PDV Offset provides a 30% tax rebate on qualifying expenses related to Australian post-production, digital, and visual effects work.

  • State-Level Sweeteners:  Combine the PDV Offset with additional rebates of up to 15% offered by certain Australian states and territories.

Eligible Spending (PDV QAPE):

  • Focus on Quality: Post-production, audio/visual effects creation, editing, and mixing.

  • Support Local Talent: Salaries, per diems, and travel for PDV-related staff based in Australia (minimum two consecutive weeks of employment).

  • Facilities Matter: Rental costs for relevant equipment and workspaces.

Flexibility and Partnership

  • Package it Your Way: Option to divide work across multiple Australian post-production facilities for specialised expertise.

  • Minimum to Qualify: A minimum spend of A$500,000 on QAPE is required, with a single company responsible for claiming.

Key Benefits

  • Budget Relief:  Substantial cost reduction on essential post-production phases.

  • World-Class Work:  Australia's visual effects and post-production industry is competitive on the global stage.

  • Building a Strong Ecosystem:  The PDV Offset benefits both international filmmakers and the growth of the Australian film industry.

Get the Full Details

Let's Talk Strategy

The PDV Offset presents an attractive opportunity to optimise post-production budgets while collaborating with skilled Australian professionals. If you're seeking a competitive edge, it's well worth investigating how it can fit into your production strategy.

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