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Hating Peter Tatchell

94 MIN   |   ENGLISH   |   2021


Featuring Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry

Executive Producers Elton John, David Furnish, Ari Harrison, Jeff Harrison, Charlie Parsons, Michael Tear, Mark Woods

Producers Veronica Fury, Christopher Amos, Lee Matthews

Composers Paul Arnold, Andrew Barnabas

Writer Christopher Amos

Director Christopher Amos

Hating Peter Tatchell Trailer
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The profound life story of the controversial human rights campaigner whose provocative acts of civil disobedience rocked the establishment, revolutionised attitudes to homosexuality and exposed tyrants in the fight for equality.

Winner - Audience Award at Sydney Queer Film Festival; Best Documentary


Winner - Best Streaming Documentary at Association for International Broadcasting Award

Nominated Best Director Feature Documentary at the Australian Directors’ Guild Awards and Best Documentary at the Screen Producer Australia Awards.

Streaming: Netflix (worldwide)

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