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Ditch Hollywood! Queensland Will Pay You to Film in Paradise

Okay, so Queensland might not pay for your whole movie, but are seriously sweetening the deal if you bring your next project Down Under. Their Production Attraction Strategy (PAS) Incentive is all about luring awesome filmmakers to their sunny shores.

The Lowdown:

  • Get That Cash: If your project could be filmed elsewhere and you've got the money lined up, Queensland wants to chip in.

  • Flexible Projects: Movies, TV shows, even fancy web stuff – they're down for it all.

  • The Must-Haves: Spend a cool AU$3.5 million in Queensland, haven't started filming yet, and hire a bunch of talented Queenslanders.

Why Queensland Rocks:

  • Train the Locals: They're serious about making Queensland a film hub.

  • Jobs Galore: Your project helps put awesome Queensland folks to work.

  • Love Local: Spend your budget on Queensland businesses? They'll love you for it.

Extra Sweetness:

  • Money Stacking: Combine the PAS with other Aussie film programs for max benefits.

  • Aussie Editing Dream: They'd be super stoked if you do your post-production in Queensland too.

Get the Full Scoop:

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