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Study on the Impact of Film and Television Production Incentives in Australia

In the realm of glitz, glamour, and cinematic brilliance, Australia has carved out an economically vibrant niche and culturally enriching niche. A recent study conducted by Olsberg•SPI, commissioned by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and the Australia and New Zealand Screen Association (ANZSA), shines a spotlight on the economic powerhouse of the Australian film and television production sector.

A Journey Through Numbers

Between 2018/19 and 2021/22, the Australian screen sector witnessed a remarkable surge in economic activity, thanks to the film and television production incentives, including the Producer Offset, Location Offset, Location Incentive, and Post, Digital, and Visual Effects (PDV) Offset. This comprehensive study delves into the direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts of these incentives, not to mention the wider spillover impacts such as screen tourism and investment in infrastructure.

The study's meticulous blend of primary and secondary research, which involved confidential consultations with more than 30 national agencies, government departments, and local and international production powerhouses, paints a vivid picture of the sector's growth.

Key Findings That Matter

The headline grabber from the study is undoubtedly the exponential increase in expenditure associated with offset-supported productions, peaking at over A$2.1 billion in the fiscal year 2021/22. This figure represents a significant chunk of the economy, driven by an annual growth rate of 17% in direct expenditure across the three offsets.

The graph below visually encapsulates this upward trajectory, marking a new era of prosperity and potential for the Australian screen industry.

Growth in Expenditure of Offset-Supported Productions (2018/19 - 2021/22)

Beyond the Screen

But the story doesn't end with numbers. The ripple effects of such a booming industry extend far and wide, from creating thousands of jobs and fostering local talent to putting Australian locales on the global map through screen tourism. The study also introduces innovative micro-impact measures like vendor heat maps and ripple effect analysis, further underscoring screen productions' comprehensive value and impact.

A Global Stage with Local Flair

Australia's commitment to supporting film and television production through fiscal incentives has not only bolstered the economy but also positioned the country as a coveted destination for filmmakers around the world. This strategic investment in the creative industries is a testament to the potential of the arts as a driver of economic growth and cultural exchange.

As we look to the future, the Australian film and television production sector stands on the brink of an exciting new chapter, ready to explore untold stories and unfurl new horizons. The economic impact assessment by Olsberg•SPI offers a beacon of optimism and a roadmap for sustained growth, ensuring the silver screen continues to sparkle downunder.


ANZSA Final Report Digital 2023-01-24[2][1]
Download PDF • 15.44MB

Study on the Impact of Film and

Television Production Incentives

in Australia


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