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Hey Filmmakers, Gold Coast Wants to Pay You to Film Here! (Seriously)

Okay, so the Gold Coast might not totally pay for your entire movie, BUT the city known as Goldywood where Elvis was made, seriously wants to make filming here a sweet deal.

Who Can Get the Cash:

  • What you're making: Movies, TV shows (drama, docs, reality...everything!), games, animation, web stuff – they're down.

  • Who you are: Doesn't matter if you're an international hotshot, a national studio, or a scrappy Gold Coast crew. Just gotta have some finished projects under your belt.

  • The Must-Do's: Australian broadcast deal lined up, Gold Coast office for production/post, spend at least $750,000 locally, apply before you start filming.

How They Decide Who Gets the Goods:

  • Local Love: The more Gold Coast folks you hire, the happier they are.

  • Big Spenders: More money you put into the Gold Coast, the more they'll give back.

Why Else the Gold Coast Rocks:

  • They're all about making your filming life easier.

  • More movies = more jobs for locals.

  • You get to support Gold Coast businesses while you work.

Get the Full Scoop: 

Chat with Chrysaor:

You can always schedule a chat with Chrysaor about opportunities for filming on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia! The sunniest, happiest, film productions for you and your crew families. Email


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